Super saturday, chaos on sunday

Super saturday, chaos on sunday

Super saturday, chaos on sunday

Monza saw a lot of BOSS GP action and the Top Speed drivers right in the middle: Ingo Gerstl clinched his fifth victory of the season and Florian Schnitzenbaumer retained the overall lead in the championship.


It was not only because of the temperatures on the high-speed track in Monza that things got hot. Two Top Speed drivers were also innocently involved in accidents during race 2. Ingo Gerstl started from pole position as in the first race. Gerstl was the first to turn into the Prima variante, but his Toro Rosso was hit by Phil Stratford’s Benetton when he turned in. The young Dutchman Rinus van Kaltmthout had made a mistake with cold brakes – the chain reaction led to the DNFs of Gerstl (rear right puncture) and Stratford (damaged front). Profiteer was the German Wolfgang Jaksch in the Super Aguri, who won the race.


So it took a total of five races of the season until Gerstl did not reach the top of the podium, because in the first Monza race Gerstl was once again unbeatable. Gerstl and Stratford fought a long duel for victory, at halftime Ingo gained speed and overtook Stratford on the long start-finish straight – Gerstl finished the race about one second ahead of Stratford.



Florian Schnitzenbaumer tested new brakes in the training sessions and was therefore off-track several times. Things went well for the German in the first race: With 3rd place he scored valuable points for the FORMULA class. Race 2 was unhappy: For laps Schnitzenbaumer duelled in midfield: Ten minutes before the end of the second race, rival Andreas Fiedler crashed into the rear of his Dallara GP2. Schnitzenbaumer spun into the gravel bed, Fiedler hit the tyre barries of Variante Ascari. Fiedler could not get out on his own and had to be brought to the Medical Center in an ambulance. According to initial information, he hurt his back.


Top Speed wishes all the best this way!



Schnitzenbaumer’s GP2 Dallara was badly damaged at the rear because the race was abandoned and the lap before the accident was classified, he scored at least a few points and defended his championship lead.


Thomas Jakoubek did not start in the races. The Austrian from Top Speed was plagued by an injury of the ribs. After the practice sessions he took it easy on himself for the next race weekend. This already takes place on 21/22 July, for the first time as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Germany.


Pictures: Michael Kavena/BOSS GP

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