Top Speed Vehicles

Our racecars for test and competition

The Top Speed team drives exclusively on state-of-the-art race cars. Team Principal and Technical Director Ingo Gerstl uses his Toro Rosso STR1 – F1 during his rides in the BOSS GP and on test drives. With this Toro Rosso Formula 1 Ingo Gerstl was 2016, 2017 and 2018 overall winner of the international FIA racing series BOSS GP. Munich’s Florian Schnitzenbaumer (DE), BOSS GP Champion 2018 in Formula Class, as well as Salvatore de Plano (IT) and Thomas Jakoubek (AT) are all in a Dallara GP2.

In addition, Top Speed has several GP2 race cars that can be rented for test drives and for races. For example, to take part of the BOSS GP Championships. If you are interested in it and / or want more information, we are happy to advise you with all our expertise. Just contact us.

Scuderia Toro Rosso STR1

Designer: Mark Smith and Rob Taylor
Drivers 2006: Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott Speed

»Apart from some development changes the STR1 is identical to the Red Bull RB1 that the sister team ran during the 2005 season. In the course of the 2006 season even some developments were transferred from the RB2 such as a special low drag rear wing at Monza 2006.«

Chassis: Composite monocoque structure, designed and built in-house, carrying the Cosworth Racing TJ2005 engine as fully stressed member.
Transmission: Seven-speed gearbox, longitudinally mounted high-pressure hydraulic system for power shift and clutch operation. AP Racing triple-plate pull-type clutch.
Wheels: OZ Racing; front: 12.7in x 13in, rear: 13.4in x 13in
Tyres: Michelin
Front suspension: Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon wishbones and pushrods. Torsion bar springing and anti roll bar. Koni damper layout.
Rear suspension: Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon links and pushrods. Coil springs and torsion anti-roll bar. Koni damper layout.
Brakes: AP Racing lithium alloy six-piston callipers. Carbon Industrie or Bremo carbon/carbon discs and pads.
Electronics: Pi ‘VCS’ System. Integrated engine/chassis electronic control system.
Fuel: Castrol Racing Fuel
Designation:Cosworth Racing TJ 2005
Number of cylinders: 10
Number of valves: 40
Vee angle: 90 degrees
Capacity: 2998 cc
Power output: not disclosed
Max engine speed: 18000 rpm
Engine construction: Aluminium block and heads cast in Cosworth Racing’s own foundry, Aluminium alloy pistons, Steel crankshaft
Engine management: Pi Research
Ignition system: Cosworth Racing
Spark plugs: Champion

Dallara GP2

Chassis: Dallara GP2, Carbon with aluminium honeycomb, Bodywork carbon pre-impregnated with NOMEX honeycomb

Composites: DALLARA with DELTA TECH materials

Weight: 680 kg (including driver)

Steering System: Non assisted rack and pinion steering system. Carbon steering wheel with dashboard, gear change and clutch paddle.

Steering Wheel: EM Motorsport design

Electronic features: Magneti Marelli ECU / GCU including data logging system. Data acquisition pre-equipment wiring loom, connection boxes, and beacon receiver.

Gearbox: GEARTEX six ratios plus reverse gear. 6-speed longitudinal sequential gearbox. Electro-hydraulic command via paddle shift on steering wheel. No on-board starter, anti-stall system. Non hydraulic ramp differential.

Suspension: Front and rear double wishbone, pushrod operated, twin dampers and springs suspension. Adjustable ride height, camber and toe. Four way adjustable dampers. Adjustable front and rear roll bars.

Dampers: KONI 4 way adjustable, bump and rebound.

Springs: EIBACH36mm ID Front, 57mm ID Rear.

Radiators and heat exchangers: Dallara

Wheel and Tyres: GP2 Series specification slick tyres. F1 standard wheel dimensions.

Rims: O.Z. Racing 13″ x 13.7″ rear.

Brake System: Carbon brake discs, carbon pads. BREMBO GP2 Series spec. 6 piston callipers

Extinguisher system: LIFELINE (electrically operated)

Fuel Cell: PREMIER – FT5 120 litres (FIA Specifications)

Camera Equipment: Roll hoop and nose cone camera pre-equipment

Battery: ODISSEY PC545

Seatbelt: TRW-SABELT harness

Mecachrome – Renault
4 litres – V8 – 600HP @ 10,000rpm.
8 in 1 exhaust.
Fly by wire accelerator system.
Rebuild after 4000 – 4500 km.