» There’s nothing like driving an F1 car… it’s pure adrenaline! «

Ingo Gerstl Ingo Gerstl Speed fanatic with 35 years on professional motor sports

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Are you a racing buff? Need to get the same adrenaline kick as Ingo Gerstl? If you want to get behind the wheel yourself instead of just watching explosive racing events, then Top Speed is the place to go. Ingo Gerstl provides you with the opportunity to buy or rent Formula 1 and other large racecars. You can also take advantage of professional maintenance and repair services for your vehicle and top-notch coaching sessions with Ingo and his team to take your driving to the next level. We also offer a complete “arrive and drive” on-track service with prep work, transportation, and repairs and restoration work on BOSS vehicles.


upcoming events
  • 20. June 2020 - 21. June 2020 BOSS GP - Forza Fanatec MISANO World Circuit Marco Simoncelli (IT)

    BOSS GP – Forza Fanatec – Misano

  • 8. August 2020 - 9. August 2020 BOSS GP - Cuvee Sensorium Grand Prix TT Circuit ASSEN (NL)

    BOSS GP bei GAMMA Racing Day

  • 4. September 2020 - 5. September 2020 BOSS GP - Masaryk Racing Days Aotomotodrom Brno (CZ)

    BOSS GP by Masaryk Racing Days

  • 24. October 2020 - 25. October 2020 BOSS GP - Pirelli Grande Finale Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari - IMOLA (IT)

    BOSS GP – Pirelli Grande Finale

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23. June 2019

High speed in the royal park of Monza

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27. May 2019

Mixed feelings at the home race on Red Bull Ring

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Team Top Speed – Speed is the way of life

68 Top3 placements since inception
4 Lap records since September 2015
100 percent motor sports passion

Ingo Gerstl's lap records with F1 STR1

Records at full throttle


Zeit: 1:35.155


Masaryk Racing Days
BOSS GP Qualifying
Fahrer: Ingo Gerstl
Fahrzeug: Toro Rosso STR1


Zeit: 1:02.985



Fahrer: Ingo Gerstl
Fahrzeug: Toro Rosso STR1



Zeit: 1:08.030


Demorunden im Rahmen der TCR International Series
Fahrer: Ingo Gerstl
Fahrzeug: Toro Rosso STR1


Zeit: 1:17.157


GAMMA Racing Days
BOSS GP Qualifying
Fahrer: Ingo Gerstl
Fahrzeug: Toro Rosso STR1

Team Top Speed

Experts in racing & high speed

Top Speed - The Racing Team by and for speed enthusiasts

The Top Speed team, along with CEO Malin Strandberg and Team Head and Technical Director Ingo Gerstl, are pleased to provide you with high-grade racers for test drives, races, and special events!
Ingo Gerstl’s 35 years in professional motor sports have made him a true speed fanatic. Together with his partner, Malin Strandberg, he’s turned his passion for motor sports into a career.

Top Speed Drivers

Ingo Gerstl (AT)


BOSS GP Open Class
Champion 2016, 2017, 2018
# 1
F1 Toro Rosso STR1
Motorsport successes (PDF)

Thomas Jakoubek (AT)


BOSS GP Formula Class
# 44
Dallara GP2 4.0 V8

Salvatore d Plano (IT)


BOSS GP Formula Class
# 69
Dallara GP2 4.0 V8

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (DE)


BOSS GP Formula Class
Champion 2018
# 88
Dallara GP2 4.0 V8

Partner & Zulieferer